Flatten the Curve

Black Lives Matter

June 07, 2020 Jacob, Huw and Abby Season 1 Episode 8
Flatten the Curve
Black Lives Matter
Show Notes

A podcast that looks at the impact of the coronavirus on life in Wales. 

This week we're giving up our platform to support the movement against racism across the world, because Black Lives Matter. 

Please spend the rest of the time you would have been listening to this podcast, to check out one of the organisations mentioned below, or to sign a petition, because as Martin Luther King Jr. said "There comes a time when silence is betrayal."


  • You can donate to the official memorial fund set up by George Floyd’s family here
  • Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team (EYST) is an award-winning charity which supports BME young people, families and individuals in Wales. It has been mapping the breadth and diversity of BAME organisations in Wales, here
  • Race Alliance Wales is a group of individuals and organisations working together to improve race equality in Wales.
  • For emotional support, BAATN is the home of the largest community of therapists of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean Heritage in the UK
  • You can support Black Lives Matter, find resources and sign up to petitions here
  • Color of Change helps people respond to global injustice.
  • Glitter Cymru provides support to BAME LGBTQ+ people
  • The Muslim Council of Wales work hard to help community unification
  • Privilege Cafe - allows people to recognise their privilege and how they can use it for good.

Please note: This podcast is recorded remotely to adhere to the latest Governments advice so there may be some sound interference. 

All facts were correct at the time of recording.